Factors to consider when hiring a Magento Development company

Magento Development
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Are you looking for a powerful online store solution that can be helpful to sell your services and products easily to your customers? Have you ever used Magento platform for your e-commerce store? Most of us are already using the Magento development for building an e-commerce website. Some of us are still searching a better solution for their e-commerce app development. Magento, the most robust e-commerce platform has changed the way people do business online. Ever since it is released on March 31, 2008, the demand for Magento has risen leaps and bounds, making it the most favorite choice for business entrepreneurs, developers, and many online companies as well.

Magento is proving to be a leader of open Omni channel revolutions. It is considered as one of the leading and feature-rich e-commerce solutions for developing an online store. Dealers and marketers are feeling empowered when they find this open source and cloud based digital commerce platform to provide solutions to integrate online and offline shopping experiences. With the increasing popularity of Magento platform, many web development companies have jumped into this. But as many of them have not invested enough resource, planning, and support of this platform, they fail to utilize them properly and didn’t get the result.

But only choosing Magento development for your e-commerce store will not take you to achieve your goals, you need to find an expert and an appropriate Magento development company which plans, organize and supports your e-commerce site in this fast paced world. We are listing some of the key factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing a right development company for your e-commerce site.

magento features

Experience and knowledge

Experience and knowledge are the most important factors that make sure that the companies or developers you are going to hire who will develop a dynamic e-store for you. So this is the very first thing you should do, you need to consider and must review their previous work record. You should check the past projects they have worked on, the technical skills, professional capability and the ability of the developers to deliver a project successfully. A well-skilled and experienced team of a company can handle the all the troublesome and major challenges faced during the development process.

Company portfolio

After reviewing the experience, it’s time to check expertise and professionals of the company. You need to check the portfolio because it speaks a lot about the development or the company in the context of the working style, a resourceful team and it also tells the methodology and development process being used. You can also get to know about the projects that are executed and their commitment towards work and how much dedicated their team is. You can even refer to the testimonials of the clients, helping you decide whether the company is capable of delivering the projects to customer satisfaction. These hidden features of company reveal the truth of the success story of the company.

Post Deployment Support

magento support

Developing an e-commerce site in Magento is not a one-time process. It needs to be frequently monitored and updated time to time. Post deployment support is important, to guarantee you the appropriate functioning of your e-commerce site after launching it. It means all the bugs and other related issues are solved before your site goes live. These are some reason why you need post development support:

  • Better performance
  • Addition and updating of new features and functionalities to the changing requirements.
  • Efficiency and convenience in operations.
  • Customization and integration of the third party


The next important factor that needs to be considered is communication mechanism. The developer should have excellent communication skills or we can say that he should have a prompt understanding of the requirements of the customer. From the start to the end of the development phase, you should also need to be in constant touch with the developers.

There should be an easy flow of communication that is possible with excellent interpersonal skills of the team, lingual efficiency between the client and the developer and most importantly the company has necessary communications tools. Tools such as Skype and Google talk lets you interact with the developers, especially in the case of development of offshore projects.

Safety and security

magento security

Cybercrime is increasing due to the various benefits and unending profits of an e-commerce website. There is always a possibility to crack the code and attack your website.So you need to hire a company which is well-versed with all the safety and security guidelines and considers security as a priority. Magento keeps updating itself on a security basis regularly. So the developers should keep up to those updates and have that cutting edge technology to develop a secured e-commerce website.


It means that the web design company you are going to hire should have a dedicated team of developers and designers. You need to choose a Magneto Development Company that makes sure your project is in the right hand. The developers must be aware of latest tools, technology, and different versions of Magento Additionally, a constant high-speed internet connection, power back up and uninterrupted medium of communication all these high-end resources can enhance the overall productivity.

SEO Friendly

magento seo friendly

Developing an SEO friendly Magento website has become essential to get recognized and mark a presence in the virtual world. The company or developers should have developed the site considering SEO aspects. They should also know how to incorporate SEO techniques to ensure your Magento site get higher rank in the search engines.


Quality should be the first priority when you want to develop a successful e-commerce platform. You should prefer for those companies who are ISO 9001 certified or CMMI certified. They will surely deliver high-quality e-commerce application and provide sustainability and consistency during the whole development process.


Once you are satisfied with all key points mentioned above, it is the time to finalize the price. You need to make a proper inquiry about the packages and pricing of the Magento development company you have chosen to work with. If you feel that a company is charging you a higher price, then you must first compare the quality of their previous work delivered as the cost will be repaid to you when you get your goals by the quality of your work.

Final Note

Creating a Magento e-commerce website is not an easy task, but it requires a vast technical expertise and support from the developers. In this highly competitive tech era, one can’t afford to make a mistake which may lead to the failure of the business. So if you desire that your e-commerce store should offer a high-quality shopping experience to your customers and high ROI to you then you must consider all the factors mentioned above and choose your Magento Development Company wisely.

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