Latest Web Development Trends for 2017-18

web development trends
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With every passing year, websites get more and more revolutionary, the role of web developer has become more significant than ever. While current technologies and concepts get timeworn and new techniques and methods pave the way. As the technology advances, it gets essential in every aspect of our day to day life. People use it for almost everything like reading news, social media, banking, shopping and much more.

Most of the entrepreneur want to develop their websites by themselves to cut the cost, they negotiate the critical factors that serve as a backbone to the site that their respective target customers would like to visit and purchase. This is the reason that web developers are meant to fulfill. By putting their efforts and abilities to create fast loading and attractive websites that drive traffic, they can get more leads and clients along the way.

To be proficient and efficacious in something one must develop their skills and evolve. Therefore, to achieve the target in web development, developers are revising the latest web development trends. If you are a web designer or a web developer, then you must be familiar with the new methods and trends being introduced in the field of web development. What are the most expected web development trends of 2017? Here we have gathered the main technologies that will shape the web this year and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has become more than the buzzwords when it comes to the public. In past years, the large organization as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have made it possible and released their own AI technologies. Large enterprise leverage artificial to advance their products and services. For example, Google uses AI for upgrading search engine algorithms. Similarly, Wikipedia also uses Artificial Intelligence for fast identification of incorrect data in its articles.

The Majority of artificial intelligence developments have been proposed to make the consumer process easy and simple. It is more reasonable, faster and more advancing than ever. The biggest reason behind the growth of AI development is cloud computing and access to more data. Cloud computing services are more efficient because it provides power to companies and people to innovate with it. Researchers can access more data that means more people have access can learn about the newest developments to make AI faster.
Virtual Reality

It’s true that there were many new announcements related to virtual reality in this gadget world but still, there is no big VR-based product introduced. Although, there are many big gaming brands that are working hard to come up with VR supporting gaming product that can move swiftly the gaming industry.

Vive and Oculus Rift is probably most famous applications in the gaming industry. Even the global company such as Google and Mozilla have started to work on APIs that will help Virtual Reality technology evolution to the web. As the technology standard is increasing in the coming year, more and more applications are expected to emerge based on VR technologies. VR is one of the future web development trends that will be seen in upcoming years varying from new coverage to virtual real estate tours.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a movement where internet connectivity is shifting from the internet connected devices like computers and mobile phones to non-internet connected household devices. According to Technavio, IoT’s expected growth is 31.72% till 2019. The Internet of Thing is the latest trend which allows for the exchange of data in a way that was never possible before by linking smart objects to the web. The IoT technology makes it possible to manage specific device (generally home appliances) remotely via mobile phone or a PC. These devices can easily transmit the necessary data and also allows the users control all home appliances from a single source or a single application. As a consequence, web developers will come up with explanations that are updated and which will allow users to control as well as to create web products that can communicate with IoT devices.



Many individuals talk about web development spaces about the new programming language they should learn it. It totally depends upon the focus and interest of the individual one. But according to the research, JavaScript is already listed in the popular programming language due to various frameworks, libraries, and technologies. It is the top choice web development technology for full-stack developers. One should choose JavaScript, along with HTML, CSS, and Typescript as their primary web development technologies. Adding Node.JS, D3.JS, RIOT.JS, Chart.VS, keystone.JS to the libraries expands the capability of JavaScript for web developers with object oriented programming and static typing.

Ruby on Rails 5

Ruby on Rails

The latest version of Rails is Rails 5. It was launched in June 2016, although it didn’t gain much popularity among web developers. Earlier it was not much familiar to developers but the things are changing now. Rails 5 is still young and with some interesting enhancements, Ruby is sitting on a high ground. There are some features like Turbolinks 5 and ActionCable that developers are praising in 2017.

Turbolinks 5 lets the developer create a single page like applications directly from the Rails stack. It will allow links to obtain full HTML pages, without the need of client side JavaScript frameworks. ActionCable is a new approach to employing Websockets in Rails to build real-time applications. It can also be used to create a notification and chat features simply. The most popular rails_api gem is merged into its codebase in new Rails 5. Web Developers can easily create API only apps and get them up to their preferred frameworks.

Static Site Generator

Static site generator is more popular, especially among bloggers. With static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo, you can convert plain text that is stored in files rather than the database. Bloggers find it easy and exciting way to create their blogs without any need of a database. In static websites, your web pages are not complex files and can run on your own server. This is the biggest reason that static site generators are gaining more popularity among users. These sites ensure low cost, better speed, performance, and security.

These are some trends we see are leisurely being adopted in different applications. However, it is through your knowledge of current trends that will make you important in the current market. By keeping in mind the trends featured, you can contribute to creating a more functional online space for users.

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