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2017 Web designing
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Being an innovator in the field of web development and design in UAE in addition to mobile app development and digital marketing, many businesses consider a distinguishing digital customer experience to continue to the top of elements that contribute to its achievement. Well, apart from experimentation and creativity, trends are the driving factor for change, which pushes an organization forward for the better. These trends are well-known changes that usually arise in every creative industry, business and of course in-app Development Company. The web design industry also is constantly changing and evolving due to revolution, modification, and invention.

Almost more than 90 % users are opening websites on their smartphones for every purpose. Therefore, all of the web design company in Dubai have rapidly migrated their focus on the development of responsive website design. After Google’s mobile-friendly update, Mobilegeddon, it becomes essential to develop responsive website design.

This is simply the begging of change, Users may expect more significant changes in web design trends in Dubai by the end of the year. Here, we will take a look at latest web design trends which will continue until the end of 2017 to assist entrepreneur owners to attract more customers to their website and achieve the ultimate goal-conversion.

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Every brand wants to adopt a mobile-first strategy

As it name suggest that mobile first design means designing for mobile (or small screened device) first, then building up to the bigger ones. This approach has been around for a few years now, but with the fast paced world, the mobile phone has become the primary devices used for browsing the web, more and more business are realizing the importance of having a mobile app that delivers effective content on a smaller screen and are rushing to get onboard.

Apart from design and visual effects, the mobile-first model is a useful way for brands to literally consider what their core content and message is that they want to connect. Most of the smartphones come with expressively smaller screens than desktops and tablets, which limit the amount of content, a user can easily observe at once. This encourages brands to do away with any information which is not necessary, allowing them to add it.

Implementation of Responsive Design

Although responsive design is also something which has been around for the last few years, what we suppose to see in the upcoming year is an even bigger hike the number of companies, both small and large, who are developing responsive based sites. For those who don’t know the meaning of responsive design, it is a necessary method to building a website using CSS media queries and flexible layouts to create a single, dynamic site which adjusts its information to best display on different sized devices. It works hand in hand with mobile first, as mobile first design the experience and the look, and responsive execute it.

One of the additional benefits of the responsive design is that it permits business to pay for just a single site development that effectively delivers information on mobile device and tablet, laptops to big screened PCs.

Utilization of Rapid prototyping tools

Rapid prototyping tools are one of the most useful tools to hit the web design industry over the last few year and it is an important tool for any web, UI and UX designer. Rapid prototyping tool such as UXpin, Webflow, and Invision these all allow web designers to build low and high-reliability prototypes of sites and services to scale their usability and visual, without writing a single line code. Some tools also allow you to design in the browser and then actually release the site itself.

Their user-friendly functionality provides an immediate like for like experience of how the completed product would look and how it will work in the browser, also consume your precious time.

UI Framework and Patterns

The mobile first and responsive tactics to web design, as well as growing popularity of WordPress and pre-installed themes, has a remarkable impact how many blog and website look today. In UX and UI patterns occur around the web where many site’s appearances and function in very similar ways as they learn from one another to improve their user experience. Almost every site is paying attention to their visual appearance but instead look at how these reliable UI and UX patterns are leading the world to become a more reliable and user-friendly place to be.

Due to high online competition, today small and medium industry can’t take a major risk in their user requirements, and if these designs patterns work, it makes sense to use them to enrich their site.

More Animation and GIFs

Animations are a great way to show the meaningful content in the best possible way. As browsers and language become more advanced, we are seeing most of the renowned company are moving away from the use of static imagery to a new way to embrace animation.

Animations are something to be used more greatly on websites as it is the ideal way to show how animation approach works or reveal meaningful content. GIFs and animations with SVG and CSS are now becoming the classiest way to add some exceptionality and design elements to your web and graphic design. The Animation strategy in near future will become more dominant, as animation display the message easier and faster than any other technique like text and video.


There are hundreds of we designing trends in the industry, it is hard to pinpoint every single one but these trends (explained above) that are going to be more focused in Dubai. Lack of technical advancement will lead your company towards financial trouble. A great website design helps you convert 45% customers into money-making leads and that’s the ultimate goal. Choose wisely the right design trends for your startup or business by considering the requirement of your target audience.

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