7 Signs when to Redesign Your Website or Application

Website and App redesign
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These days your customer’s impression towards your business is almost based on your website. It’s not exceptional for your first point of contact with a potential customer to be through your website. Rather than calling you or visiting your store, people will go to your website first to check a sense of what your company is offering or whether it is good for their needs. In fact, according to Stanford study 75% users admit making judgments about a company based on their website. That’s why it becomes necessary to go with the process of application migration if your site shows one or more of these indications that are not functioning properly as it could be. So, the migration and redesigning of an application is not an easy task it requires a thought process, time, and of course money.

It’s important to notice here that redesigning of an app doesn’t mean to change every single page of your website and graphic design elements. Redesigning can just involve functional modifications that assist your website work better and also help you to reach your marketing goals. While you can find several reasons not to revamp your mobile app, here are some indications why you should get your redesign plans off the ground.

app design principles

You are not hitting your goal

Your existing website or app may look great or well-designed but it is still not delivering its purpose if you are not getting the result that you expect, the fault may lie in your design. Examining your conversion rates (visitors to lead and lead to a customer) can give you the clear idea of what needs to be improved. A peak at your website current conversion metrics is an excellent starting point to making modifications for the redesign.

Purpose of your site has changed

If you are like other companies, your marketing strategy is fairly strong and reflect changes in the results. While you don’t need to redesign the full site each time you modify your marketing goals. You should check how often you adjust your marketing strategy? Or this strategy updates affect your conversion rate.

So if your website purpose has changed, update its layout to be more on track with your goals. For example, if your new goals are now to offer more lead generation content, make sure you include CTAs on your homepage and other important web pages.

Your CMS needs an update

Technology is moving at the speed of the light in the fast-paced world. While it can be practically impossible to keep up with every latest trends and software update, it is important to update your system occasionally. Your CMS lets you to easily update your web pages or blog posts, event listing and other site data. Having an outdated CMS can affect your website’s credibility and make your site less professional.

The goal is to have your website redesigned to look more contemporary and technologically advanced. There are new widgets being introduced all the time, so getting the most of the updates features will consider you apart from the competitors. In fact, updating your CMS will help you to escape being the victim of hacking and other security hacks. IOS and android application development are regularly being updated with new products that will keep your system safe from malware and harmful viruses.

Mobile App redesign processNeed to include Graphic design

Graphic design must play an essential role in web design. It’s not only the creative spirit of your site but it’s about the overall branding strategy of a business or product. It covers everything including background images, banner color scheme, text styles and graphics. An ideal graphic design can provide a massive boost to your website by enhancing its visual appeal, professionalism, brand value, and usability. Visual appeal is important for web design because it encourages communication of ideas to your visitors.

Your website is not responsive

More than 20% of all web traffic currently comes from the mobile device. According to Margin Media, almost 50% users say that if they visit a business site that is not working properly on mobile, they will not take interest in the business site. The chances of losing leads may increase. Mobile users have clearly made it as they want to have a great UX on their smartphones. So it should be the main priority for your website to be responsive.

Your competitors re-launched their site

Go to your competitor’s website and analyze carefully. Is it better than yours? Does it load faster? Does it have creative images? Do all these changes improve their ranking on SERP? These are all the factors to consider while thinking about updating your existing site.

If you give some time on a competitor’s site and understand it could meet your goals better than your own site does, it’s time to revamp your site. Your site should reflect the nature of your enterprise. If it doesn’t you run the risk of losing out to your competitors.

Your content is not user-friendly

If your site is filled with a number of blocks of text, people will not like to read, simply they will switch to another site. It’s obviously a part of the website redesign that breaks your content into readable chunks. Use short sentences rather than a long paragraph for better readability. You can also use creative pictures, videos, and other visual appealing media. You should migrate your old content to a newly designed website. When you plan to redesign your website layout, update your content as well.

When it comes to determining whether to redesign your application or not, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. If your web design is outdated with broken elements, it may indicate that your site needs a fix. The key to an effective website redesign is to make a site that achieves your mission. Whether this is promoting a brand or selling a product, your site must stand out from your competitors. So redesign your site today and see the results.

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